Turntable For 360 Degree Product Photography

degree product photography is a so delicate and involved topic because products come in so many shapes and sizes. Some may be very reflective, some may have dimensions that will prevent you from simply dropping them on a turntable, and some may have features that can be only highlighted when shot from a specific angle while hanging from the top and with a certain
lighting setup.

The more constraints you have in your 360 photography setup the less options you get at your disposal for creating smooth 360 product views. It’s also very important to be able to quickly assess how your product appear from different angles with a given setup before you start on the actual production of 360 product images.

So before you go ahead and spend your hard earned money on a computerized equipment (which is invaluable if you do this commercially), here’s a simple guide for building a DIY turntable that will likely solve some of your product photography needs. The good news? It will only cost you a trip to a hardware store (Ace Hardware or similar), $40 and an hour of your time to get it all assembled together!

What you need:

2 x 23″ disks of round plywood – $28
1 x 12″ Lazy Susan Bearing – $6
1 sheet of white paper enough to cover the top of plywood disks

So the turntable will be built using two disks of round plywood and a lazy susan bearing attached between the disks to provide a smooth and steady movement. The bearing is tough enough to deal with weights of up to 400-500 lb or even 1000 lb depending on a brand, so the weak link is the plywood. If you go with Shepherd’s bearing, they come with pretty good assembly instructions. The key is to find and mark the center on the plywood disks. This is pretty simple as long as the disks are perfect circles:

First, you will need to find something that has a 90 degree corner like a piece of a white paper sheet. Place the right-angle corner of the sheet at any point on the edge of the plywood disk and mark the other two points where it crosses the edges on the plywood. Then draw a straight line between the two marks and connect the marks with a straight line. Now repeat the same procedure using another point on the plywood. The intersection between the two lines is the center of the disk.

The rest of the assembly is pretty straightforward – just follow instructions on the bearing package!

Now that the major work is done, you need to decide how many frames your 360 product views will be comprised of. Usually, 20 frames per view gives a nice balance between the total size of the images/download speed and the smoothness of your product rotations.

So to get 20 product shots, the turntable should be able to rotate in 18 degree increments. The key is to mark the top plywood disk in such way that you can easily identify the increments. One approach is to put numbered marks on the side of the disk. Since you already have found the center on the top disk, creating the 18-degree marks is pretty simple with a protractor.

The final step is to attach a piece of white paper on the top of the plywood disk where you will be placing your products and put a measuring mark on the bottom plywood base. Now put your camera on, align it with the measuring mark on the bottom and the center of the rotation, then place your product on the table and you are good to go.

Happy 360 Product Photography!

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Essential Tips That Are Going to Guide You As You Invest in Expansion Joint Covers

With the possibility of seismic movements around the area in which you have constructed your building, it is therefore important for you to ensure that you are very attentive to the construction details of the building. This means that you should construct your building in such a way that even when seismic movements occur, it is not going to be affected. It is important to make sure that you consider investing in expansion joint covers that can come in handy in protecting your building from any serious earth movements that may be dangerous. To make sure that you enjoy great peace of mind about the integrity of your building structure, it is important to make sure that you invest in reputable expansion joint covers. For you to be sure that you’re going to be investing in the expansion joint covers of a trusted manufacturer, there are certain essential tips that are going to come in handy. When you read this article, you’re going to find out more about some of the essential tips that will guide you as you invest in expansion joint covers.

One of the things that you should know before investing in expansion joint covers is on the quality of the expansion joint covers that are going to be sold to you. With regards to the quality of the expansion joint covers that you intend to invest in, it is important to ensure that they will be high-quality because this is going to ensure that you obtain a lot of value for money. It is also good to know that you can use the high-quality expansion joint covers to enhance the attractiveness of your building.

If you are planning to invest in expansion joint covers, it is also essential for you to ensure that you have considered the total costs that you will incur. You are encouraged to make sure that you are very keen on the cost of purchases and installation costs as far as your expansion joint covers are concerned. This means that you should find the most affordable expansion joints covers in the market and also find a specialist that is going to install them at affordable prices so that you are able to reduce your overall cost. Ensure that you view here to learn more about how to create the budget for your expansion joint covers. So that you can discover more about the other essential tips to guide you when investing in expansion joint covers, it is advisable that you check out this page.

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Tips to Find the Right Chiropractic Table

If you are out on the market looking for a chiropractic table then you need to know that there are many different options that you can have in the market. For this reason, it might be challenging for you to find the right one. It is important to remember that finding the perfect chiropractic table is crucial to ensure that your practice will succeed. There are certain points that you should consider when choosing the right chiropractic table. These points will help guide you in choosing the right equipment for you.

One of the things that you need to do is to make a list of the things that you need. It is important that you have a good idea of the different features that you would want in your chiropractic table. This will help narrow down your options and ensure that you will be choosing the one that will provide your requirements. You can find chiropractic tables that can cater to clients in standing or flat positions. These kinds of chiropractic table will be great especially for clients with back problems. You can also opt for elevated type chiropractic tables. This is great for handicapped clients. Once you are able to know your requirements and the common positions that you want your clients in when having their therapy then it will be easier to find the right chiropractic table for you.

Another thing that you also will need to consider is the budget that you will have. You need to know that different chiropractic tables will have varying prices. This is due to the fact that there are brands and models that are better than others. It would be much easier to find the right table that will fit your budget once you will be asking for recommendations from people that you know. You can also read reviews online and see what other people have to say about the chiropractic table that you want to buy. It can also be great if you are able to extend your budget to get the brand or model that is more reliable.

If you have budget constraints then it is you that will have to look not other options aside from the brand-new ones. You can find a lot of refurbished chiropractic tables in the market these days. You can check online forums and classified ads to find used chiropractic tables. You can also ask colleagues if they have an extra chiropractic table that they don’t use anymore.

There are other things that you should be considering when buying chiropractic tables. One of which is the tax implications that they will have. Some tables especially those that are handicapped accessible are the ones that will require a write-off. You need to remember though that a write-off will be applicable for brand new equipment. That is why if you are opting for a used chiropractic table then this cannot be indicated as a business expense. You can talk to your accountant to be guided on this matter accordingly.

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Tips For Employing A Window Replacement Experts

In case you require to employ a window replacement expert, your focus should always be to get the best. You are to aim at appointing the best for there are several advantages attained. One of the major reason why the best window replacement experts requires to be appointed is for your expectations to be met. The skills that these professionals have facilitated them to meet the expectations of all their clients. The other major need for choosing their services is with the reason they are said to be reliable. Once you have appointed the best professional, and you come to an agreement on when the services require to be delivered, you will never have disappointed for they do not fail. Hire their services too when you require a professional perspective. Experts are always offering their opinion when appointed.

Since they are many of them in the industry, you need to focus on appointing the best. You will only appoint the best every time that you will first consider if these experts are recognized. You need to understand if they are known and understand why they are known. Professionals who handle their work well are known. They are mainly known because of their good work. To conclude if at all they are known, first consider reading through the reviews. You are to also ask around about them before appointing the services. Hiring an expert recognized for all the good reasons is needed for you to have access to that which is the best.

Another item that one requires focusing on is looking into their past work. You can always ask for their past projects. Being able to see what these experts have been doing allows you to trust what they offer. You will have the assurance that they will be at a position to meet your expectations. Consider looking if at all these experts have experience. Your main aim should always be to appoint professionals who have a good experience. Appoint experts who have been delivering services to people for long. When you do this, you manage to access quick services. Window replacement experts with experience tend to handle their work quick hence giving one the reason for choosing the services. They are able to work within a time deadline if you give it to them.

You are also to consider the qualifications of the window replacement experts. Confirm that these experts have gone through the necessary training for them to be at position to be offering these services. By considering this, you avoid being disappointed in any way. Choose to be dealing with these experts too but first look into the areas they serve. When appointing a window replacement experts, they should be within your reach. It tends to be easy for you to eliminate any form of inconveniences once you do this. You are also required to look into the amount of money you are willing to spend. The window replacement experts charge differently. You need to opt for the experts who are reasonable with the costs.

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What to Consider When Selecting an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

There are numerous reasons why you need to select an alcohol addiction treatment center. A professional alcohol addiction treatment center can help you and also meet the objectives you have. They will also be there for you to give you the relevant tips on how you can stop drinking excessive alcohol. But do you know how you can find a professional alcohol addiction treatment center? In your area, there are so many options meaning that if you become more attentive then you will find the most suitable alcohol addiction treatment center for you. Here are some of the factors that you need to look at before you can make your options.

First, there is nothing more prudent than serving with a local alcohol addiction treatment center. This, therefore, means that you need to search around and find the rightmost alcohol addiction treatment center. By hiring an alcohol addiction treatment center not only are you supporting them in your region but at the same time, you will be assuring yourself of getting high-quality alcohol treatment. Once you have decided to look for a local alcohol addiction treatment center, you must make sure that they are certified to operate in your area. You should not select them if they are not licensed for various reasons. Those alcohol addiction treatment centers that are accredited have deep skills and have proven that those individuals that need their alcohol treatment services can trust them. Now that there are many local alcohol treatment centers that are a scam, picking a certified alcohol addiction treatment center will give you protection and the peacefulness you require as a client.

Secondly, as you look for the top alcohol addiction treatment center, it is essential that you consider a family-owned one. While it is a prudent decision to hire a local alcohol addiction treatment center as discussed above, it is of more benefit if you look for an alcohol addiction treatment center that is family-owned. When you do so, you will be sure of hiring an alcohol addiction treatment center that will be much interested in your alcohol treatment meaning that they will go the extra mile to offer you amazing results. What is more, when you hire a family-owned alcohol addiction treatment center, you will at all times talk directly to their management or ownership the moment you are having emergency queries and concerns.

Thirdly, you need to make sure that you have contacted an experienced alcohol addiction treatment center. Now that you want to choose a professional alcohol addiction treatment center, the best option to go for is getting an experienced alcohol addiction treatment center. An experienced alcohol addiction treatment center is always prepared to provide alcohol treatment services with more skillfulness and determination.

To sum up, these tips are all that you need when it comes to finding a good alcohol addiction treatment center. It is therefore good to ensure that you have considered these things if it’s your determination to find a more ideal alcohol addiction treatment center for you alcohol treatment.

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Photography Marketing Tip The Power Of Determining Your Target Market For Your Business

Trying to market a photography business without having a very specific “Target Market” is like trying to play football without a goal line. How will you ever make a touchdown, or know which direction you should be going?

I’m amazed at how many photographers just try to “get their name out there.” I hate that statement! It says nothing and means even less. What’s important to your success is WHO you go after in the market place.

Why? Because you have a limited budget – both in time and money. So you must pick very carefully who you want to work with, and then go after them with a passion. You can not be all things to all people, and expect to be truly successful in your photography business. You’re going to have to pick and choose.

Honestly, good photography marketing is more about “picking who” than it is about just trying to blindly “get your name out there” to everyone.

What I’m saying is that success in photography marketing is all about the “Target Market.” Let me explain:

Your “Target Market” is that group of folks who you want to invest time and money into convincing them to contact and work with you. It’s where you put all your efforts.

Let me give you an example: There are three major attributes which describe my “Target Market” for my portrait and wedding photography business:

Attribute #1 of my Target Market: I go after Females 25 – 65: Why is this important? Because I have found that as a basic guideline, men do not invest in the type and style of photography I create. So why bother trying to reach them and motivate them to call me? It’s a waste of time and money.

Attribute #2 of my Target Market: I go after “Warm Fuzzies”: This is a term I use to refer to a person who is sensitive and emotional. She cries at movies. She is “right brain dominant” – meaning that she lives most of her life in “right brain” – the emotional, creative side of the brain, and only a small part of her life in “left brain” (the logical, analytical side of the brain.) Why is this desirable? Because we know people invest in photography for emotional reasons – not logical reasons.

Attribute #3 of my Target Market: I go after those folks who value what I do: Why is this important? Because I learned a long time ago that it really hurts to put all the work into creating beautiful portraits or wedding photography for someone who really doesn’t value what I do. I put all that time and effort into it only to have them not like the images, and not invest much in them either.

Can you see how having this “Target Market” in the front of my mind at all times really helps my business be more successful? Why? Because I know exactly who I want to reach with my photography marketing efforst. So I can carefully figure out where these people live, work, shop, eat, etc. and then go after them – and only them.

Once you have defined your Target Market, then you start asking yourself what are the best ways to become a “big fish” in that small “pond.” You basically don’t waste your time going after anyone else. You just stay focused on your Target Market and work hard on reaching them.

For example, once you know one of the characteristics of your Target Market is that they are “Warm Fuzzies”, you start showing only really warm and fuzzie images on your displays and exhibits all over town. The “Cold Pricklies” (the other side of the human coin) won’t like those images, and won’t call you. But the “Warm Fuzzies” will love them, and therefore call you. See how it works?

Defining your Target Market, in as much detail as possible, will greatly improve the effectiveness of your marketing for your photography business, whether you are marketing online or offline, or both.

Digital Pressure Gauge And Its Relevance To Pressure Gauge Instrument Industry

The digital pressure gauge is in huge demand recently as it can be used in numerous applications. This includes test and measurement to permanent mount process applications in a variety of industry sectors. Let us handle its function in some of the respective sectors one by one.
In Refineries: In refineries, the digital pressure gauge is ideal instrument to measure temperature as in these areas there are wide variations in ambient temperatures. It can even deal with issues like corrosive atmospheres, corrosive media, pressure pulsation, and vibration.
Food processing: Digital pressure gauge is also very important in the food processing industry, as it helps in finding the right pressure for food preservation. This is specially helpful in food canning, to prevent high risk of food borne illnesses.
Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries: the digital pressure gauge is used in sanitary fluid process applications in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. These industries depend upon the variation of the flow and are necessary to be indicated or controlled. Hence, the need of digital pressure gauge in these industries.
HVAC: Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning or in short HVAC system help to maintain good indoor air quality through adequate ventilation with filtration and provide thermal comfort. Here too, the digital pressure gauge comes handy to check the pressure which is essential for maintenance of filters.

In the semiconductor industry, a digital pressure gauge display outstanding performance even under in-conducive atmosphere like measuring highly-corrosive fluid and also in a corrosive atmosphere. It is also suitable for application even in fluids of a high degree of purity that includes semiconductor process.

The digital pressure gauge is indeed a very important instrument for measuring pressure in all industry sectors. Hence, it is very essential that you get the very best when it comes to ordering one for yourself. Try buying online, for all smart buyers shop online to save time and money.

How to choose the best sports betting site

With so many options in the sports betting industry some times its hard to select a good site that will have everything you are looking for when talking about sports betting options, promotions, bonuses and so many fascinating things you can get from joining a good sports betting site will guarantee your satisfaction with all the action from the major sports on the world with the service and products you are looking for an sports betting site.

One of the first things you need to look for on an sports betting site is the experience in the industry, the amount of years they have products and are been available in the market, that will give you a clue of the solid background they stand for, if an sports betting site has more than 15 years in the market that means they have many experience on how to provide the best service, the service you need for the action you are going to take with them.

Another thing you need to consider when you are looking for an sports betting site its the amount of products and services they provide and of course related to all the action you can get from the variety of sports betting wagers on all major sports event in the world including Casino, Racebook, Live Lines, bonuses, deposit and payout options convenient for you to have all the bets you want, different types of exotic wagers as well like Teasers, If Bets, Reverses, Round Robins and more to make your sports betting experience better, different, excitement and more.

One of the most important parts that makes an sports bettting site the best for you to choose its their customer service, the attention to the client, the professionalism of the clerks or the sports betting action takers, its one of the most important things you need to look as well when you are on the search for your sports betting site with friendly customer service, conveninte for you to make your bets 24/7 year round is one of the features you need to look for that will make your experience something you will never forget.

With so much competition in the industry, also you want to look for the site that provides competitive lines and odds as part of the differentiation of their services including also INTERNET wagering, mobile device, tablets and all the technological advantages and convenience, friendly use to make your sports betting experience entertain, fun, easy for you to enjoy all the action you want.

So all you need to find in an sports betting site is great odds, promotions, solid reputation, excellent customer and quality services, variety of betting options that will satisfied your needs as a customer who is looking for some additional rush and action on your favorite sports event.

Qualities Of A Music Composer

Many, especially young people are passionate to build their career as a film composer or music composer. If you have keen interest in music and want to build career in the same, being a composer is a good career option. A music composer composes for visual mediums or albums. It is something different from song writing. In short, we can say a composer puts life to the lyrics. He always uses to write original compositions for a specific project. Then the artists and musicians perform it on stage.

People always interchange music composer and musician but these two terms are different.Music composeris a person who sets a song to music. He gives life to the piece of lyric and produces a song. He has to acquire many skills such as

Knowledge and learning

Some people opine that composer should have deep knowledge about lyrics as well as music. He should know about not only the music but also the lyrics and poetry. He should have knowledge about all the genres and types of the music. The music he composes may be in various instrumental or have lyrics and may be in different types such as jazz, classical, country or folk. Therefore, it is necessary to study all these styles.

Artistic mind and Creativity

Composing music is an art, it needs perseverance and only a passionate artist can practice it to the end. So, a composer must have creativity and command over all types’ of music. With the power of his creativity, he can assemble and blend different tracks and produce a tune, which will become popular among people. His fresh ideas, versatile knowledge, creativity and most importantly, willingness to experiment new things will take him to the apex of popularity.

Career opportunities

To be a composer, you require knowledge of music theory and desire. If you have chosen this as a career, you have good opportunities. One of the most attractive jobs that fascinate many people is film score composer. Apart from that, you can work as a freelance composer also.

Among many growing composers, Thomas Vo is an exceptionally versatile music composer and he provides custom music for all genres and of all types. He has provided his creation to many happy clients. If you are looking for a music composer to help you get desire, then meet Thomas Vo. He definitely can assist you.

About The Author:

Thomas Vo is versatile in his musical compositions, spanning across multiple genres and styles. With this capability, Thomas can capture and produce the specific compositions that will captivate your visions and emotions. Visit

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Benefits of Hiring a Product Management Consultant

Business people have been developing many business ideas over the years. Many people will start selling specific products, but you find that they don’t turn out to be as expected. Some products manage to achieve their desired results and potentials, but some don’t. One needs to know that certain things determine the success of their products, and they have to be on them so that they increase their chances of success. A thing that can help increase your product’s chance of being successful is working with a product management consultant. A product management consultant can always know what will work for you and those that cannot, and that means they help your products sell. Running a business takes time and effort, and things can be made easier when you work with a product management consultant. Keeping up with the changing technology has always been tricky, and that is why you need to work with a product management consultant. A product management consultant will always have more information that you need, so working with the consultant is a good thing. Here are the benefits of hiring a product management consultant.

Product management consultants are experts in product management, which means working with them will be a good thing. When you hire a product management consultant, you are sure they will focus on your product and how to improve them. The product management consultants have been offering the same services for years, which means they will know how to help you. Every business owner wants to be successful in selling their different products, and a product management consultant can always help with that by coming up with great ideas. The product management consultant you hire will ensure you get a return from products as soon as possible. The consultant can guide you on what you have to do so that your products hit the market and be noticed by many people.

A product management consultant can help capture customers’ imagination, which is why you have to consider hiring the consultant. We have many business owners with great ideas, but you find that it is not what their customer wants. Therefore, it is essential to work with a product management consultant who can always help you determine your customers’ kind of products. You need to know the imagination of different customers about the product to ensure the customers will pick your products and not others. A product management consultant knows how to study customer behavior, which means they can help get more brands.

The product management consultant you hire will help you satisfy your customers. One can always get more customers to buy their products if they satisfy them in different ways. Your customers will continue to purchase the products if they are of excellent quality. A product management consultant will ensure all your products meet all the industry standards since this is one of the things that can satisfy your customers. The consultant can also help ensure you have unique products that will attract more customers. To sum it all up, one needs to consider hiring a product management consultant so that they get to sell more of their products.

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